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About Chromacorp Print and Copy

Save Money, Save Time with Printing Excellence the First Time

We are prepress professionals who believe in excellence, integrity and dedication to work done correctly with a fine eye for detail when you need it. Since 2000 we have served Richmond Hill businesses, as well as those in the GTA and across North America delivering high quality and professional printing services at an affordable price.

We specialize in small, short-run jobs and projects and are proud to have been relied upon and trusted now for over a decade for our fast turn-around and impeachable product.

Talk to us for a free quote on your next project, be it small or large on:
We are proud of where we’ve been. But we are equally excited about the imagination, creativity, and endless curiosity that we share in working with you as we move forward together.

Choosing the Right Printing Company

Your printed product is a reflection of you, plus the printer you choose will dictate the cost, timing and quality of the work you receive. So it’s key to find the printing company that can meet your needs and be there to serve you – especially when you’re under the gun to turn a project around fast at a high fidelity.

We specialize in smaller, short-run jobs and are highly competitive with the market in our abilities and our price. We are creative problem solvers with the experience to meet your needs and the ability to offer you flexibility in scheduling.

Your job is always our top priority, as opposed to the larger shops that have their preferred customers and leave you waiting at the back of the queue. We employ state-of-the-art technology manipulated by a highly trained and highly skilled team of expert professionals.

Money-Saving Questions to Ask Yourself & Your Printer

Make the most of your print budget, and ensure the job is done right, right off the presses. Ask yourself and your printer these helpful questions and save yourself time, and money.
  • Has it been proofread?
    Or preferably, proofed by more than one person? Get as many eyeballs as possible on your work and catch those typos before they go to print.

  • Do I need one of the big boys?
    If you’re doing a smaller, short-run job – avoid the bigger shops and save yourself time and money. (Note: These types of projects are our bread and butter, so talk to us today for a free quote.)

  • How many copies do you really need?
    Don’t overprint – but also don’t print too few – a second run can run up your price as well.

  • What type and texture of paper or material?
    Not all materials are made equal – or priced equally. Talk to your printer about the types of paper and material they recommend, based on the impression you want to provide.

  • What about future projects?
    Talk to your printer about your future projects and any cost efficiencies that can be found by combining potential jobs.
Contact Chromacorp Print and Copy today for short and mid-sized printing runs. You’ll be glad you did!

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