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Drum Scanning

For a free, no obligation drum scanning estimate please call 905-889-9943 or email us today.

The drum scanner continues to deliver the highest possible quality and excels in two significant areas, resolution and dynamic range. Drum scanners rule the resolution war without question. This remains an important issue when maximum enlargements are required such as for large format digital output.

Because the drum scanner uses Photo Multiplier Tubes (PMT’s) and digitizes one scan spot at a time it is able to distinguish more clearly between density areas, and does so over a greater density range than CCD devices used in flatbed scanners. The result is better detail, especially in the shadow areas.

Fourty + Years of Scanning Experience

Chromacorp Inc. has the Heidelberg Tango drum scanner. Our operators have a combined Fourty + years of scanning experience. We deliver the highest quality product quickly and efficiently.

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